Dear WFPI tele-readers

Some news from the WFPI: is live!! More specifically, click here to see the WFPI's various outreach projects. The ACR-WFPI pediatric imaging course in Haiti rolls out tomorrow, watch this space for news of our simplified US and TB plans.

With regard to tele-reading, we are in a temporary lull as Khayelitsha and project start-up in Liberia and India are all waiting for the development of tele-reading platforms. For India, we cannot proceed without one (CT scans) and for the other two, adminstering the systems by email is not a long term option. Platforms are in the testing stages, we shall be in touch soon with a re-organization of our reading "cells" once we're up and running.

Meanwhile, our website also offers a volunteer page (click here). It lists your names: thank you again for all you do. Khayelitsha feedback has been highly positive to date (see RSNA Nov 2012 minutes).

This page also offers an online form(click here) which  I now needto ask you tofill in. Sorry about this, but five minutes of administrative pain on your side allows us to
- store your details for future platform use
- tighten up legalities
- check who is still available for tele-reading
- have an automated volunteer database
So, looking forward to hearing from you via your completed forms!

We'll be in touch again soon with platform news. A WFPI newsletter is due out this week and please note the WFPI's annual meeting is on Wednesday 15th May at 7:00 am local (Texas, USA) time. Online participation is possible. Outreach and telereading feedback will be included in the annual report.




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